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About Shannyn- Blogger at Frugalbeautiful.com, Blogger Coach and the creator of CakeMixMedia.com dedicated to creating tasty social media strategy for brands, authors & bloggers.

Pug momma, runner & makeup addict who never has enough shoes.  She resides in Chicago, IL and loves to travel to run races all over the country!







About Kathleen – Blogger at Frugal Portland, writes about saving money and redefining what it means to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Loves wine, photography, cooking, DIY projects, and living in the Pacific Northwest.

Thinks life is a strange and wonderful adventure and is happy to be here.






School of Moxie


About Mary Ann – Blogger at SchoolOfMoxie.com, believes a handmade life is a lost art, sews her own clothes, accessories, and gifts for friends and family. Librarian by day like Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.  Mom to the sewing & craft world’s cutest cat, Mr. Giles.

Unleashes her inner cowgirl in Austin with local handcrafted beer and BBQ.








About Dani – Blogger at WeightOffMyShoulders, writes about weight loss after shedding 60+ lbs with Weight Watchers, running, and now healthy living. A Sparkly Soul, Fitfluential, Fit Approach and Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador and 2-time marathoner (soon to be 3 after running The 2013 Boston Marathon).

Loves beer, wine and enjoying New England with her wife and two pups.





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About Stephanie - Blogger at EmpoweredDollar.com, writes about kicking debt in the butt and living a wealthy, empowered life. Loves doodling, drawing, painting and long distance bike rides. Lives in Washington, DC and keeps true to her Pacific Northwest roots with adventures outdoors and trips to the west coast. Appreciating all the creativity and joy that life has to offer.

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