Review and Giveaway: Tasty Cookies from Dr. Lucy’s!

November 16, 2012 By: Kathleen

Is there anything better than getting cookies in the mail?

Let me rephrase the question — how awesome is it when you come home from a long day and it’s cold outside, MUCH colder than you expected, and goodness gracious you are not wearing enough clothes, and all you want to do is take a hot bath when you get home, and you’re grumpy, and… you see a package. You open it. It has a variety of cookies in it!

Grumpy has left the building.

Also, how awesome is it to get cookies that are great, period. Not just “good for the gluten-free variety” but good. Darn good. That’s what these are.

dr lucy's gluten free cookies giveaway

make the holidays sweeter

I have a gluten sensitivity, but my friends and family do not. So I thought I’d share these cookies with them, and see what they thought.

My family loved them. They were excited to see cookies in my house, and really excited that they didn’t “taste gluten-free” which is a sincere compliment from people who can more easily digest wheat.

My sister’s favorite were the chocolate merry mint, and my mom loved the ginger snaps, which were lemony and gingery all in the same bite.

Lucy’s has generously offered one of our readers an assorted basket of treats, just in time for Thanksgiving!

lucy's gluten free gift basket


Do you know gluten-free people? Are you lucky enough to have someone with fussy dietary needs in your life?

Then, become a fan of Dr. Lucy’s on Facebook, and you can win!

Good luck!

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